Next Level I.T. Solutions is offering Zero-Cost Consulting and Setup Services throughout April and May. We’re not only extending these no-charge services to our existing customers and contracts through April and May but any business or person looking to utilize remote access tools for secure access to their workplace systems, period.

There are  businesses that have already had a remote workforce for some time now.  In many cases, they also had a plan in place to deploy remote workforce connectivity and support. Due to COVID-19, there is a growing recognition for a remote workforce at scale, and we have fielded hundreds of questions from our customers and the general public.

Many of the remote-access solution providers now offer free secure remote access solutions, including free trials, free grace periods or 100% free software to get the job done.

We believe if you can work from home you should be working from home during this pandemic to minimize the spread and possibility of infection.  Technology plays a more important role today more-so than ever before, ensuring those elements of business operations that can be done safely and securely from outside the workplace,  exist as business opportunities now and into the future.

We believe that IT Services such as Remote Access Work Solutions can have lasting positive impacts not only on business, but more so the safety and lives of all Canadians.

Businesses are quickly shifting to a remote workforce and providing assets to users for connectivity, productivity, and collaboration. Users need to ensure they have the right tools (e.g., hardware, apps, licenses, etc.) that will deliver as seamless an experience as possible. Now is the time to ensure that there is a process to provide secure connections back to the corporate office. It is also important to have strict authentication and access controls in place.  This is something we already ensure for our customers and these capabilities ease the burden in assuring those that need to work from home can do so safely and effectively.

Some users will utilize personal devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and home-based firewalls, that provide a security concern. These devices will not have the level of protection and connectivity that is secured by the layers of technology back at the office. And in some cases, the home office may not have antivirus and malware protection or a firewall.

Remote workers are also likely to transmit content from corporate resources back to their home office. This means setting up the right access controls for those users who need access to specific content and restricting access to others.

We understand the challenges in identifying the best solutions as they relate to secure remote access, multi factor authentication, productivity and quality assurances.

When remote access is granted to employees, data loss prevention policies should also be considered. It’s important to review policies to ensure any sensitive content remains confidential. Email encryption policies should also be examined, when transferring sensitive information outside your corporate environment. And in some cases, there may be compliance-related challenges that will need some attention, as users bring sensitive data outside the corporate environment and into their own homes.  We provide a free security remote access / remote working checklist to quickly identify and overcome these challenges.

Confirm that your remote workforce knows how to identify phishing attempts, as these remain the highest-priority security requirement for all email connected staff.

At Next Level IT Solutions, we take pride in helping hundreds of employees across dozens of businesses connect safely and securely to their workplaces from home and abroad, and is the basis for our waiving all Remote and On-Site fees related to Remote Access Consulting and Setup during April and May (2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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