Trusted Data Backup & Recovery Services.
Secure and Encrypted Data Storage.

24×7 Backup Monitoring & Notification

On-premise, off-site or cloud backup locations are monitored 24×7.
Weekly, daily, and hourly reports sent to your phone or email.

Critical Data, Applications & Databases

Ensure your critical data, business applications and custom or proprietary databases are always available, should disaster strike.

On-Site / Off-Site / Custom Backup Plans

We deploy reliable & encrypted backup solutions including on-site, off-site and custom backup plans in accordance with existent IT policies.

Risk Assessment and Recovery Plan Implementation

Your Business Continuity plan is a multi-stage plan that not only includes robust data backup software, but also focuses on data retention and governance.

Backup & Recovery

Data+ Backup & Recovery works with your on-premise storage, our encrypted cloud storage, or integrates easily with your existing AWS, Azure or other cloud storage provider.

Get simple and effective data backup softwareGet simple and effective data backup software

Security for Your Data

Safe and reliable backup for workstations, servers & system databases means peace of mind for you and security for your data.

Encrypted Cloud Storage

AES-256 Client-Side Encrypti0n ensures your data is under lock and key. All data transfers via SSL/TLS protocols.

24X7 Alerts & Awareness

Get alerts and notifications to email or phone when you need them, assuring your data remains available.

Secure Data Backup

Secure all your data in the event of accidental deletion, equipment failure, viruses, and natural disasters.

Reliable Data Backup

Trusted and dependable backup solutions for your workstations, servers, databases and mobile devices.