Cyber Security Services You Can Trust.
Keeping Alberta safe from ransomware.

Your cyber security strategy should depend on trusted end-point protection software to protect against ransomware, in the form of viruses, malware and phishing scams and should also encompass enhanced content filtering for websites and network policies for workstations and servers.

Protecting All Your Devices

Professional grade Antivirus, Anti-Malware and Content Filtering stop ransomware and viruses, keeping users safe.

Cyber Security Training

Security Training educates you and your team on the current trends & threats to IT technology and how to eliminate risk in the workplace.

Risk Assessment and Recovery Plan Implementation

Your IT Security Strategy is a multi-stage plan that not only includes advanced end-point threat protection software, but also focuses on education and training.

Stop Attacks. Avoid Costly Down-time.

Correctly applied end-point protection software and policies ensure your business runs at full speed, without any hiccups or down-time.

Central Alberta Focused

We deliver Network and Data Security Services to central Alberta-based organizations spanning Agriculture, Education, Oil & Gas, Not-for-Profit, Tourism, and Retail sectors.

Alberta Cyber Security Services

Your systems security is our top priority.   For experience and expertise that cuts the ice, contact the professionals at Next Level IT