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About Next Level I.T.

A slice of humble pie.

It seems like only yesterday.

Humble roots.


Adding Value to Business

The COVID pandemic had serious implications to business early in the year.  We provided no-cost remote working solutions and related support to all businesses throughout 2020.  Our team performs rigorous safety measures to ensure we remaing engaged with every one of customers.



An amazing follow-up year with our entry into the industrial software market with our first Windows software (x86/x64) created for Alberta's Feed Production Industry, which is HACCP and Canadian Food Inspection Agency Certified.  We continue to distribute AgMix and maintain the physical and cloud based IT resources for this software project to clients in the Feed Industry.  The success of this project stems a new team to maintain the software code and development - we call 'HWARE'.  Look for more exciting information on HWARE in early 2022!


Small business of the year award winner

We're honored and humbled to be awarded with the 2017 ATB Small Business of The Year from The Wetaskiwin Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Next Level I.T. Solutions Branding

We make a big move in a natural direction with a permanent rebrand to 'Next Level I.T. Solutions' with the core ambition of Adding Value to Business through Managed IT Services and Solutions.  We feel this new name embodied the last 15 years of our experiences, our strengths and our ambitions into the future.


Focused on Information Technology

We begin working more closely in managing day-to-day IT services for several key customers.  This allows us to create our first set of Managed IT Services, which has grown into the full set of IT Services we provide to this day.


Locally Grown Talent

Our team and market focus has always been in our home province of Alberta.  Rural central Alberta is where we perform a majority of our support calls, visiting customers on-site, or providing remote support to an array of customers.  We provide the right synergy of IT Services and Solutions throughout Wetaskiwin, Camrose, Lacombe, Leduc and surrounding counties.


Our Early Years

Through-out the early 2000's , Josh Hawley (Founder and Managing Partner) was fortunate to have worked closely and partnered with major IT and Web & Application Development firms through-out Western Canada.  Hawleywood Interactive played major roles in IT and application development for Alberta Education, as well as the Tourism, Oil & Gas, and retail sectors (some of whom we still work with today!)


Humble Beginnings

Originally established in 1999 as Hawleywood Interactive, with a generous grant from the East Parkland Community and Business Development Corporation.  Since then, we've been humbled by our beginnings - our roots - as a local Computer Repair Shop, Tech Service, and Solutions Provider in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Committed to local organizations.


Home is Where the Heart Is.

We’re honored to partner with charitable organizations and not-for-profits in our community.

Next Level IT Solutions is a proud community sponsor.   We partner with numerous organizations in our community, sustaining important technology initiatives through a combination of Next Level IT Soutions and Services.  It’s our commitment to a better community and an opportunity to elevate community organizations to the next level.

Millet Fire & Rescue

Next Level IT is committed to providing on-premise and cloud-based fire hall technology along with IT consulting services for the brave staff and volunteers serving Millet Fire & Rescue.

Wetaskiwin Agricultural Society

Next Level IT is a committed partner of the Wetaskiwin Agricultural Society, contributing hardware technology and IT advisory services.

Wetaskiwin Icemen Hockey Club

Next Level IT is committed in providing the Wetaskiwin Icemen Hockey Club with IT consulting services.

Wetaskiwin Manluk Theatre

Next Level IT is a proud sponsor and committed contributor to The Manluk Theatre –providing IT consulting services for what stands out as one of Alberta’s best community theatres.

More than just IT Support Solutions,

Now that’s some Next Level **IT!

As a privately-owned and operated company, Next Level IT has the ability—and commitment—to deliver the greatest value by developing long-term partnerships with our customers.

We’ve worked closely with hundreds of Alberta businesses spanning Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Education, Not-for-Profit, Tourism and Retail, providing both industry standard and uniquely tailored solutions to meet the ongoing technology challenges -head on.

We're not like the other guys.

If we can’t solve it,

You Don’t Get a Bill.

The Next Level IT Guarantee.

As a top tier IT Solutions Provider in Alberta for over 20 years, we uphold the  ‘Next Level IT Guarantee’ — If we can’t provide a solution, you won’t incur a service charge.